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In order to have a solution even when the spaces are minimal, Ufkex introduces the Compact 7-SC, the super-compact air conditioning self contained unit that in just in 43cm in length and 26cm in width develops 7000 BTU of cooling power. Differently from the other Compact units, this 7000 BTU model is built with a stainless steel tray and a fan body. The fan can not be rotated like the sister units, but it offers the possibility to connect directly up to 3 air hoses.


■ Unit extremely compact in dimensions

■ Brushless fan with high efficiency and low noise

■ Max electrical power absorbed 550 W (in cooling)

■ Wireless remote contril included

Easy to install:

With its compact dimensions and low weight, the compact 7-SC can be installed on all types of boarts.

The Compact 7-SC can be install with 2 or 3 air output grilles without the need to use any T or Y additional