Other Equipment(其他设备)

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    The AV hatch lifters are electromechanical products, especially designed for marine use on pleasure boats. They allow full or partial opening and closing of heavy engine hatches, peak tanks, hatch beams etc. By activating a switch, it is possible to lift the hatch to any desired position from closed to full open; an internal self- [...]

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    HYDROBOILER-BIUE The absolutely innovative version of marine water heater is HYDROBOILER-BLUE, a 20 liters (5,3 gal) storage capacity unit. The tank, which is made of steel, is coated with a double-glazing special treat- ment that grant the longest durable performance. The Structure And Specifications: 点击详细  

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    HYDROBOILER-SS HYDROBOILER-SS  is  made  of  high quality  materials (tank and heat exchanger made of AISI 316L Stainless steel / external casing made of AISI 304 Stainless steel). The storage capacities available are from 22 up to 80 liters (from 5,8 to 21,1 gal). The electrical heating elements available are in Incoloy at 500 and 1200 [...]

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    Balmar 98-Series Alternators

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    Balmar 97 EHD-Series Alternators

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    Balmar 97-Series Alternators