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    New Ship Building Service

    New Ship Building Service 1.1 Tank test, material test, inclining test, offset flood test…   ●Inclining test and Offset load test           1.2 Classification & CE application services.   ●Calculation and drawing             ●CE Boat for Hyundai             ●CE Boat for Jet [...]

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    Repairing and Maintenance Service

    Repairing and Maintenance Service   2.1    ●Azimut 78 repair               2.2   ●Maintenance for HK Police ship and boat            

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    Technical Support

    Technical Support   3.1 Marine Engine   3.2 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker   3.3 Fire Suppression & Detection System     3.4 Hydraulics System    3.5 Ventilation System   3.6 Fuel Management System

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    Other Marine Service

    4. Other Marine Service 4.1 Offshore Support   ●Oil Platform  Support Vietnam               ●Berau Coal Transit Station  Support, Indonesia             4.2  Shipyard Arrangement   ●KAKINADA SEA PORT FRP Boat Factory and Dockyard Arrangement, INDIA             4.3   Water Quality Monitoring    ●Shen Zhen River Hao Hai Bay Water Quality Investigation         [...]