Seafire 灭火系统


FD/FG SERIES SELECTING THE PROPER MODEL SIZE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM: 1. Determine the volume of the engine compartment to be protected in cubic feet or cubic meters: Measure Length, Width and Height (LxWxH) of compartment taking into consideration the curvature of the hull. 2. Select an automatic (“A”) designation or manual/automatic (“M”) designation. 3. From the [...]

C series

“C” Series Portable            Portable fire extinguishes are designed for the protection of areas where the benefits of “clean agent” fire extinguishing are required. Typically, these are areas that contain critical or irreplaceable assets which may be damaged or destroyed by water, foam, dry chemical, or carbon dioxide extin-guishers. FM-200®  Portable [...]

Zone Identification Panel

Zone Identification Panel (ZIP) 131-530 The Zone Identification Panel is custom designed and works in conjunction with the FireStop Control Panel (PN 131-500). It identifies the exact location of the detected warning.

Display Panel 131-510

Seafire Display Panel 131-510 Up to four panels receive system status via CAT5 data cables and can be strategically placed throughout the vessel. The weatherproof tactile display incorporates LED’s to indicate alarms and faults. The reset button overrides the engine shutdown.

NEW FireStop Fire Detection System

FireStop Fire Control Panel (FCP) 131-500 The FireStop Fire Control Panel (FCP) is a low voltage, 9-30 VDC, fire detection and control systems designed for use in the marine environment. The FCP integrates fire extinguisher monitoring, fire detection and machinery shutdown control in a modular design that can be expanded to meet the requirements of [...]

NEW ESRS Engine Shutdown System

Seafire NEW ESRS Engine Shutdown System In the engine compartment of a marine vessel, an automatic extinguishing system may be adversely affected by the equipment it was designed to protect. Running engines, generators, and powered ventilation can consume or deplete extinguishing agent before the fire is completely extinguished. The SEA-FIRE ESRS engine shutdown system will [...]

SF_0719 2

Seafire “H” Series  Developed for high volume applications, Sea-Fire’s “H” Series custom-engineered fire suppression systems are the solution for protection of large pleasure craft, yachts, transport vessels, workboats and onshore/offshore marine applications. “H” Series systems carry Factory Mutual (FM), United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Transport Canada (TC), Registro Italiano Navale [...]