HRO Desalination Machine (海水淡化机)


EGO SEAFARI ESCAPE COMPACT OVERVIEW (概述) Featuring Horizon Reverse Osmosis’s EfficientSea technology, the Seafari Escape is capable of reducing its total power consumption by up to 75%. With the installation of its patented Energy Transfer Device, the need for a high-pressure pump is eliminated. The result is a system that is efficient, virtually noiseless and [...]

mini 1

HRO SEAFARI MINI    OVERVIEW (概述): Now with models ranging from 170 to 750 gallons of water per day, the Seafari Mini Series of watermakers offers a larger range of fresh water production without the space restrictions. The Seafari Mini is the perfect solution for boats with little space to spare. Offering the largest production [...]


HRO SEAFARI VERSATILE MODULAR         The new Seafari Versatile modular features a remote mount cube design that allows easy installation and access. The Seafari’s modular design is streamlined and allows for easy installation and maintenance. A perfect fit for larger, long distance cruisers or for those with minimal space options, the Versatile’s production [...]


About:  Spend more time on the water, and less times on your watermaker. For over 30 years, Horizon Reverse Osmosis has built a reputation of manufacturing the most reliable and intuitive systems in the world. Our systems are not only engineered to create fresh water, but are also engineered to be more convenient, to last [...]


HRO Seafari Versatile – Self Contained (HRO Seafari 自助式) OVERVIEW (概述) The new Seafari Self Contained Versatile watermaker features a new remote mount cube design that allows easy installation and access. As always the Seafari is capable of producing 1800 gallons (6800 liters) per day, perfect for weekend fishing or blue water cruising. Its new [...]