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Ocean Marine Searchlight

Our ranges of marine lights are designed to withstand the rigors of sea-life. We engineer each product to match exact performance specification listings for an extra margin of safety. Our spotlights are designed to offer the best combination of beam spread (width) and intensity (length). Remote control and 4 mt extension lead are included. Spare extension lead and double station control panel upon request.

Xenon Spotlight: new powerful searchlight with improved style and performances, ideal for medium and big-sized yachts. Sealed beam xenon light with HID group. 55 watt power complete of water-proof remote control panel. Body and base in sun-ray white ABS (UVA). Excellent corrosion-resistance also in case of adverse weather conditions. Brighter, wider beam pattern for maximum viewing safety Equipped with bright light and high powered 55 watt xenon light bulb 8000k. 2000 hours lifetime. 7‰ dia. bulb 156 mm. Creates a 30 degree wider beam pattern and delivers 5 times more light on sea than a standard halogen light. Meets or exceeds original equipment quality standards. Dual station remote control upon request.

Double spotlight: Two sealed beams 5‰ with filament light on each light allow enjoying always of a very luminous ray, both if the light shaft is directed upwards and also when it is oriented down. Easy mounting thanks to the fitted fast connections. Complete of water-proof remote control and quick lead 4 mt.

Single spotlight: Same as the previous version but with a single h4 lamp 6‰ 146 mm .Complete of water-proof remote control and quick lead 4 mt. Upon request the spotlight can be supplied with an extension lead (4 mt. long). Spotlight body and base are made of sun-ray proof white ASA material. Available also with Manual version with handle rotation 340 degrees, Same characteristics of the electrical single version.

Flood Light: Manufactured in stainless steel. Sealed beam bulb.